#STORY ‘ Woman finds handicapped daughter lost in Cairo metro for 4-years ‘

#AceWorldNews – Nov.26: A woman found her handicapped daughter in Cairo Metro four years after being lost, Youm7 reported Thursday.

The child was lost while in her father’s company in a visit to her grandfather, but he lost her on the way, Mervat S. told the police.

In one of the metro’s carriages, Mervat saw her daughter begging and selling tissues. The mother ran to the girl, embraced her and broke into tears, telling passengers that it is her daughter.

The woman prostrated herself in a form of gratitude for having found her daughter by such coincidence. She told passenger who gathered to see the emotional situation that only death would separate her from her daughter after years of futile searching.

With tears covering her face, Mervat was referred to the prosecution to provide official documents proving the kinship.

Original Article: http://thecairopost.youm7.com/

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