STORY ‘ A reservation town fighting alcoholism, obesity and ghosts from the past ‘

#AceWorldNews – Nov22: In the Native American community of Blackwater, Arizona, gambling money flows from nearby casinos but personal incomes remain among the lowest in the US.

Chris McGreal visits for the last in his series on America’s poorest towns

Part 1: America’s poorest white town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by drugs

Part 2: Poorest town in poorest state: segregation has gone, but so have the jobs

Part 3: America’s poorest border town: no immigration papers, no American Dream

Chuck Morgan is back where he began. Almost.

“There used to be an old building, like a barn, up on the hill there. We lived there and we had no water, no electricity, no bathroom. We had an outhouse. We had to live by lamps. Wood stoves. Trucked our own water in by wagon,” he said. “We had just two big old rooms. A living room and a bedroom together. The whole family there. The other room was a little kitchen.”

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