#STORY ‘ Courageous’ waitress comforted dying customers during the #Paris attacks ‘

Collect facebook picture of Jasmine Sarah, waitress from the Casa Nostra bar, seen in the cctv comforting an injured woman. Picture David Parker 19.11.15 Reporter Emine Sinmaz
Jasmine Sarah, waitress from the Casa Nostra (Picture: Facebook)

#AceWorldNews – Nov.20: The waitress who bravely covered an injured customer with her own body while gunmen attacked her cafe in Paris has spoken of her ordeal.

However Jasmine El Youssi, 20, wasn’t afraid when the cafe she worked in was torn to pieces by bullets.

‘I would rather lose my own life than let someone else die alone,’ she told MailOnline.

Footage emerged yesterday of the peaceful Casa Nostra bar/cafe in Paris turning into a war zone as a gunman Salah Abdeslam… Read the full story

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