SCOTLAND & WORLD DESERVES BETTER LETS HOPE Watch “UK’s First Cannabis Legislation Debate Since 2004 – 12 October 2015 (FULL) #CannabisCuresCancer” on YouTube


45 year these mad laws for cannabis & other drugs become illegal. But more over the years many has turned to this over the years, for all reasons to get high but also for many medical uses that are plentiful.

Worse of all worlds, jail people because of a weed. It’s very sad after watching debate. But they are making it out on young people, criminals are made from just having some on them. Prohabition does not work. I have to say most MPs were towards controlling drugs bar one the Hamspead North mp that thought it should remain what it is now. But many agreed they were better getting out with the state with controls, keeping away from vunrable people, gangs etc. It’s already choosing major problems in the court system. There has in Colorado where the laws are responsible for being the house keeper of the state where…

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