Story of Martrdom |Honoring Pakistan Army Capt Bilal Zafar’s Service to His Nation

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The Human Lens

“In the roar of bullets and the thunder of bombs, there are few who just do not stop..knowing that they are surrounded by death knowing that they have left their parents and family alone…But they just keep on moving…because in their hearts and flowing through their veins is…honor, devotion, love with motherland, death before disgrace Pakistan Army Zindabad” Captain Bilal Zafar Abbasi, martyr of war on terror 

A Valiant Son of 42 Baloch Regiment Al Havi  was born on 2nd February 1982 in Rawalpindi. Highly motivated from his forefathers and inspired by Patriotism, he joined Pakistan Army in 2001. Capt Bilal joined 42 Baloch Regiment on 12 Oct 2003. Capt Bilal embraced martyrdom at the age of 27 on 17th May 2009 in Peochar Valley, Swat.

Previously, he had participated in Operation Al – Mizan, United Nation Operation In Cote De Ivoire, and also Op Rah-e-Rast ( military offensive 2009) and was…

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