Debunking The Western Narrative On Bombing Syria

The Human Lens

The lies being told since several years for justifying an external and unwelcome, uncalled for “western” military intervention in Syria have resulted into the French bombings on Sunday. The ludicrous idea of “Bombing people to save them” always comes from the West, where several states have lined up for carrying out air-strikes in Syria.

The propaganda of bringing democracy through western military operations to the so-called third world and foremost importantly Muslim countries continues to sell and spin, here today and there tomorrow.  The west cites the humanitarian situation is desperately forcing them towards this action, but how much can of these bombings help into ending the already escalating conflict on ground Syrian soil.  One wonders how can pouring soldiers and weaponry result into things getting better, most likely they are getting worse before.

The values that define the reasoning for bombarding Damascus with air-strikes and the reasons given to the…

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