Do You Know The Way To Damascus?

In Saner Thought

Let us begin this post in Iraq…….as the news is telling us the war in Iraq against the advancing forces of ISIS is not going according to plan… seems that the Sunni tribes are more willing to deal with ISIS than  with the government in Baghdad simply because the head of the government and many of his ministers are of the Shia persuasion……

The Kurds are holding their own but now that Turkey has decided that it will join in the fight and attack Kurds across the region how safe will they be?  The next question is if they do attack the Iraqi Kurds, America’s biggest ally against ISIS in the region, will they be safe from the backstabbing in DC since Turkey is our biggest ally and a member of NATO?  Which group will get the support it needs to continue that fight?

Now what about the Shia militias…

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