Assad Or Hollande| Who Is The Bigger Butcher Really?

The Human Lens

Western Propaganda Machine Kicked Into Action as France Commenced Bombing in Syria Apparently in “Self Defense.”

France’s president and prime minister think Syria’s Mr. Assad is a”butcher” and “dictator.” Agreed and no one in any part of the world is arguing that Mr. Bashar al-Assad is the most benevolent leader in the history of statecraft, but when Western propaganda reaches the point where Syria’s President is accused of being a “butcher” and, going still further, of facilitating the recruitment of the very people who are trying to oust him, the world should start asking questions. I will begin by asking some here.

This Sunday, France proudly announced that it had launched its first strikes against ISIS targets in Syria. Mr. Hollande confirmed that the warplanes had attacked the training camp in eastern Syria after it had been identified by French air surveillance with help from the coalition of Western and Middle Eastern states…

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