Amnesty International| When You Don’t Exist

The Human Lens

When you don’t exist is Amnesty International’s campaign for the human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe and at its borders. People move to Europe for different reasons. Some flee persecution or war. Others leave because of chronic poverty. They hope to find a safer, better future in Europe. But too often they find a different reality.

Europe is failing migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. Negative attitudes to asylum-seekers and migrants are widespread. European countries are stepping up measures to control migration. This can cause serious human rights violations. People on the move have their rights violated, often out of the public eye. They are effectively made invisible. This video is an eye-opening fiction work and depicts the current human rights tragedies of our times.

Some facts to serve as a reminder for the west’s anti-migrant sentiments:

  1. 14% of all refugees in the world live in the 27 EU countries. This amounts…

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