Washington, Moscow dispute whether Russian strikes targeted “moderate” or “jihadi” Syrian rebels UPDATED [WAPO]

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Moscow claims they attacked ISIL and al-Nursa (al-Quaeda affiliate).

Washington claims Russian strikes targeted the Free Syrian Army, FSA, who signed a cooperative non-aggression pact with ISIL and al-Nursa (al-Quaeda offspring), a year ago, so they could help each other overthrow Assad, as well as Tajamu Alezzah (who are they?)

link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/russia-vehemently-defends-syrian-airstrikes-and-denies-targeting-us–backed-rebels/2015/10/01/cddada92-67af-11e5-bdb6-6861f4521205_story.html

My 2 cents:

This kind of thing is inevitable, considering it is a 3 or 4 way conflict.

I am with those who say that if you want IS/Nursa not to win, you would have to accept that the existing Syrian government would win, at least in those parts of Syria which are the home turf of Assad’s ruling party. Thus even supposedly “moderate” rebels who fight Assad’s government are essentially setting the stage for IS to take over, since IS/Nursa have an undefeated record when going head-to-head vs the “moderates” (except for the Kurds, who have no ambition to…

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