How close is Jose Mourinho to the sack at Chelsea?


Will Jose Mourinho finish the season at Chelsea? (Picture: Getty Images)

#AceSportsNews – Sept.24: Premier League managers are only ever a bad run of results away from getting the sack.

After a poor start to the season it appeared Jose Mourinho was heading down this slope.

The poor start has been well documented, the Blues slipped 11 points from the top of the table after two consecutive defeats. A moody and unhappy Jose Mourinho and a visit to the training ground by Roman Abramovich fuelled speculation as to how long Mourinho would get to turn things around.

There were rumours that a defeat against Tel Aviv would have been the final straw, a mirror of the 2007 game against Rosenborg where a 1-1 draw saw Mourinho out the door. Fortunately for Chelsea fans the Blues ran out 4-0 winners to meet expectations.

The win against Arsenal lifted some immediate pressure and could be a platform to build momentum moving into the season. The Blues followed this up with a win against Walsall but the real challenge will come against Newcastle.

The pressure may have been alleviated but the Blues are still a long way from where they want to be. If things go south again, how long would Mourinho get to turn things around?

Mourinho is adored by Chelsea fans and Abramovich seems more patient with Jose than he has with other managers in the last decade.

Yet the minimum goal for the season would likely be to secure Champions League football, so if Chelsea got to Christmas and this seem unlikely the pressure would be huge.

Mourinho seems close to leaving and secure at the same time. Close in that it feels like if he is unhappy he could make the decision himself, but safe in the way that he will get more time than pretty much any other Chelsea manager in the last decade.

Although victory over Maccabi Tel Aviv and Walsall was the minimum expectation, the contentious win over Arsenal was a well fought victory that Blues fans will hope gives them momentum moving forward.

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