Tim McCarver cautions St Louis Cardinals ahead of playoffs


#AceSportsNews – Sept.15: The renowned broadcaster caught Bob Gibson and continues to call games in St Louis, so the Guardian checked in to chat about the Cards and other MLB happenings

In a baseball and broadcasting career spanning some 57 years, Tim McCarver suited up for the Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Montreal Expos and Boston Red Sox, and was Fox’s premier network analyst in addition to working New York Mets, Yankees, San Francisco Giants games locally. The 73-year-old McCarver won the prestigious Ford C Frick award for excellence in broadcasting back in 2012 and is calling games this season in St Louis. The Guardian spoke to him about the Cardinals’ season.

Hey Tim, earlier this season, I was sitting on my couch half asleep, heard your voice on the MLB Network and snapped to attention. I thought you retired from national games after you called your 24th World Series in 2013. What gives?


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