‘ 12 fashion reasons why we’re happy the weather’s turned this season ‘

AW15 fashion trendsIt’s time to get cosy (Picture: Getty)

#AceFashionNews – Sept.15: So, it seems that despite our prayers and hopes and dreams, summer is definitely over.

And while the cold, grey, drizzly weather is doing little for our hair (or spirits), from a fashion POV, we’re actually pretty pleased.

Yes, we all feel hotter with a bit of a tan, and yes, you looked super-cute in those short shorts, but here are all the reasons why cold-weather dressing is SO much better.

1. Tights

Brand new (for now at least) thick black razor-BLAHing opaque tights. Literally anything could be under there… and it usually is.

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2. Scarves

From chunky knitted numbers to huge thin picnic blanket-sized ones you can wrap around you thirty times, scarves are…

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