Burger King launches all-red burgers in Japan

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TORONTO – Burger King Japan is launching all-red burgers next month.

For a limited time, customers will be able to order Aka Samurai sandwiches available in chicken and beef options.

The sandwiches feature bright red buns, red cheese and red “angry” sauce.

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The chain is also releasing a new all-black sandwich. Burger King Japan first introduced the black burger, dubbed “Kuro Burger,” in 2012 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Burger King’s return to Japan.

Kuro Shogun. Kuro Shogun.

The Kuro Burger featured black buns and black ketchup made from squid ink.

The new burger, called Kuro Shogun, features similar toppings with the addition of fried eggplant.

Black foods are popular in Japan.

In 2013, a restaurant in Akihabara introduced a 30-centimetre all-black hot dog.

The Black Terra Hot Dog of Vegas Premium Hot Dogs introduced its black…

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