Olney Leaders Investigate, Question Speed Cameras


OLNEY, Md. — There’s one speed camera that doles out more tickets than any other in Montgomery County and it has some asking whether residents are benefiting, or being targeted.

For the last year, a task force started by the Greater Olney Civic Association has been looking into the speed cameras set up around Olney.

It found that the busiest camera, and third busiest in the D.C.-area, was on eastbound Route 108 near St. Peter’s Church.

With one out of every five tickets originating from an Olney speed camera, the area also sees the most speeding in the county.

John Webster, the head of the civic association, says some residents question if they are targets of the speed cameras.

“Why are drivers feeling like they’re being targeted and why are homeowners feeling like they can’t get speed control on a private residential street?,” Webster says.

When the association asked Montgomery…

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