WATCH: Girl’s royal encounter cracks up Global News anchors

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: The story of a little girl getting accidentally swatted in the head by a guard while meeting the queen is too much for Global Edmonton’s Shaye Ganam and Erin Chalmers.

EDMONTON — We’ve all been there: something makes you giggle and then it’s all over – you just can’t stop.

Two Global News anchors found themselves in exactly that position while covering a story about a little girl’s encounter with the Queen – more specifically, the Queen’s guard.

WATCH: Little girl gives flowers to the Queen, gets smacked in the head by saluting soldier 

A little girl was accidentally smacked in the head by a saluting soldier just moments after the child gave Queen Elizabeth II a bouquet of flowers at a Colours Parade for the Royal Welsh Regiment in Cardiff.

Maisie Gregory, 6, is seen in a video wearing a traditional Welsh costume, curtseying to the Queen. Moments later…

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