KENYA: ‘ Student Killed and 100 Injured Following Electricity Transformer Explosion Triggering a Stampede in Nairobi ‘

#AceWorldNews – KENYA:April.12: A Kenyan student has been killed, and more than 100 others have been injured, following an electricity transformer explosion that triggered a stampede in Nairobi.

"I could see the students jumping and one of them landed on his head," said third-year student Felix Muriuki. Others said there were three loud blasts, plunging the dormitory into darkness, which heightened the panic among the students.

"We thought it was another al Shabaab attack," said Eddy Capella, a first-year student.

The student who died was among those who jumped from five floors up, in fear that the university Kikuyu campus had come under attack, university vice chancellor Peter Mbithi told Reuters.

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