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Welcome Friends, Followers and Bloggers: This site has just been revamped and has become our new Ace World & international Magazine News site sharing as before but this time from our now growing magazine rack.

Ace Chat News   this site is for Word Press owners.

I will also provide my own hand picked political comments and snippets of tweets from world renown writers of news on here: So check back and make your comment or add your links on your news and views.

Our Main site here: Ace News Services posts all Breaking, Daily,  Headlines, Politics, and news reports.

Our Ace News reporter also writes Ace Breaking News that he researches himself personally – just called Shauny, who you know from ShaunyNews

Who we are and what we do: Ace Worldwide News Group  

All that is left is say enjoy posting and our news and views on Ace Chat News or leave your comments on here.

Thanks Ian (Editor in Chief )


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