WARNING: Don’t let it happen here | Fox News The Empty Promises of Socialism(Communism)

“I’ve seen movements like this before,” he warned last month.The Florida businessman is hardly alone among those who fled socialist countries. On social media and in interviews with Fox News, other immigrants who settled in the U.S. say that recent political shifts here – including class warfare, riots and language policing, not to mention calls for expansive government programs – are starting to remind them of what they left behind. 

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Democrats Will Not Concede the Election, and Armed Leftist Violence is Coming

Tim Pool reveals top Trump health official Michael Caputo is warning that not only will Democrats refuse to concede the November 2020 election if they lose, but also armed, leftist violence is at hand. 

The groundwork has been laid for Leftist violence in the last few months not only with the riots taking place all over the country (most recently in Rochester, N.Y.). but due to a number of factors. They include Hillary Clinton urging Joe Biden not to concede, Bernie Sanders saying he might incite violence post-Election Night, Leftist groups reportedly preparing for unrest if Joe Biden loses, and tweet from Occupy Wall Street’s Twitter account calling for a White House Seige through Election Day.


#JusticeForMarwah: Condemnation On Child Rape Case

In yet another shocking event, a five year old girl identified as Marwah was kidnapped and raped earlier last week in Karachi city.

After the autopsy was performed it has been established that underage Marwah had been raped and burnt before being dumped in the garbage. It also reveals signs of strong physical abuse and a blunt force trauma to the head.

Though the culprits of this barbaric crime has yet to be identified, the police is cited to have taken into custody one local man. He has yet to confess to his crime, as per latest police reports. 

Since the discovery and confirmation of her rape, angry residents of the locality have staged a street protest after her burial took place and demanded swift action against the perpetrator.

The shocking incident has sparked wide spread outrage and condemnation by Pakistanis from all walks of life and yet again Pakistani netizens have taken to social media to seek answers from the establishment.

Many twitter users have also stressed that its high time that child sexual abuse is taken seriously and the need for better protection of minors in the country all while demanding justice.

The hashtag,

Many people have raised the questions over the security and safety of children while others are questioning the efficiency of access to justice and the responsibilities of concerned authorities in charge of preventing rising incidents of child abuse in Pakistan.

There are little words to express my rage and anger at this shocking incident which in our society continue with impunity as there is no proper legislation to protect children in the country. I ask to the Government of Pakistan and the highest body as to how many more

The Human Lens condemns in the strongest sense this act of lunacy and joins the Pakistanis in our collective condemn that the State intervene immediately to deliver justice for the departed little Marwah.

#JusticeForMarwah: Condemnation On Child Rape Case

Riots in Sweden after far-right activists burn Koran

By Associated Press Reporters:

Far-right activists have burned a Koran in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, sparking riots and unrest after more than 300 people gathered to protest: Rioters set fires and threw objects at police and rescue services on Friday night, slightly injuring several police officers and leading to the detention of about 15 people.

Riots in Sweden after far-right activists burn Koran

Fossil leaves show high atmospheric carbon spurred ancient ‘global greening’

Scientists studying leaves from a 23-million-year-old forest have for the first time linked high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide with increased plant growth, and the hot climate off the time. The finding adds to the understanding of how rising CO2 heats the earth, and how the dynamics of plant life could shift within decades, when CO2 levels may closely mirror those of the distant past.

Fossil leaves show high atmospheric carbon spurred ancient ‘global greening’

Watch Kamala Harris Deceive Joe Biden Re Her Uncle; Why Didn’t She Want To Tell Biden Her Uncle Was Affiliated With India’s Ministry of Defence …

Watch Kamala Harris Deceive Joe Biden Re Her Uncle; Why Didn’t She Want To Tell Biden Her Uncle Was Affiliated With India’s Ministry of Defence Funded Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA)?

Kamala Iyer Harris tells Biden that her uncle, Dr. Gopalan Balachandran, is a journalist and mathematician, which covers up his India Ministry of Defense and India government connections. As she is sworn in, in January 2017, her uncle was still writing papers for/advising the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA). He helped with a paper as recently as May 2020.

Kamala clearly was NOT thoroughly vetted even though we put the info together over a year ago: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/06/28/why-did-kamala-harris-lie-and-tell-biden-that-her-uncle-was-a-journalist-mathematics-when-he-advises-the-government-of-india-on-defense-especially-nuclear-matters/

See Kamala deceive Biden at 2 min and 20 seconds. The very fact of this deception should raise alarm. While he could be a US spy in India, his writings are oriented to India’s interest and not US interest. If he is a spy, we believe it is against the US, not for the US.

Watch Kamala Harris Deceive Joe Biden Re Her Uncle; Why Didn’t She Want To Tell Biden Her Uncle Was Affiliated With India’s Ministry of Defence …

Helicopter in Trump’s Detail Hit With Gunfire Over Virginia – DJHJ Media //OurWorld

djhjmedia.com By Kari Donovan: By Kari Donovan 

The FBI is investigating an incident involving an Air Force helicopter assigned to President Donald Trump’s support detail that was hit by a bullet, over Virginia, that was shot from the ground.

McClatchy News reported:

“An Air Force helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing at a Virginia airport Monday after someone shot at it, injuring a member of the crew, local and military officials told McClatchy.

The UH-1N Huey helicopter is assigned to the 1st Helicopter Squadron at Joint Base Andrews and had been on a routine training flight, the base said in a statement.”

The FBI “dispatched Special Agents and its Evidence Response Team to the Manassas Airport after receiving reports that a helicopter was shot at from the ground nearby,” the FBI’s Washington Field Office said in a statement.

Officials at Manassas Regional Airport said they received a call at about 12:20 p.m. alerting them that “a military helicopter was inbound and that paramedics were on the way,” said airport operations officer Richard Allabaugh.

The helicopter was about 10 miles northwest of the airport, near Middleburg, and was flying about 1,000 feet above the ground when it was hit, according to officials.

One crew member in the helicopter was injured but has since been treated and released from the hospital, according to authorities. The initial findings of the investigation show that the helicopter was struck by a bullet, causing some damage to the aircraft, though it landed safely, the Air Force said.

The squadron transports senior military and civilian leaders, along with high-ranking dignitaries, and also performs emergency medical evacuations.

There is no word on the motive or the shooter at this time.

Find Out More >

This story is developing.


Helicopter in Trump’s Detail Hit With Gunfire Over Virginia – DJHJ Media

WaPo article shamelessly glamorizes Portland protest culture: Never mentions violent ‘riots’ or ‘rioters’ – Evans News Report

The Washington Post published an article over the weekend that shamelessly praised and glamorized the protest culture in Portland, Oregon.Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis back in May, violent rioters have taken over the city of Portland, frequently attacking law enforcement and ravaging the city. Protesters have attacked police with bottles, rocks, and even lasers that have possibly left some federal agents permanently blind.You wouldn’t know about any of this violence from the WaPo article though, as there is nary a mention. The article also never refers to these gatherings as “riots” and to these hostile hooligans as “rioters” despite the fact that documented violence has been inflicted upon Portland by them time and again.

Source: WaPo article shamelessly glamorizes Portland protest culture: Never mentions violent ‘riots’ or ‘rioters’ – Evans News Report

Croatia: Reconciliation Cannot Be Achieved With Denial Of Truth And Lacking Love For Nation Of People //Croatia, the War, and the Future

Ina Vukic, August 2020

Many people are asking me these days what is the reaction of the Croatian diaspora to the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of victory in Knin on August 5.

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of Operation Storm, was neither visually nor morally nor truthfully a celebration of the great and deeply sacrificial victory over the brutal and obscene Serbian or Yugoslav aggressor! What that celebration was is a false picture of the truth and reality of that time and now!

During the Homeland War, Croats and anti-Croatian Serbs did not sit together in any rows, let alone in the front row of the battlefield, but on opposite sides. On one side, aggressive brutally murderous Serbs, and on the other side, Croats whose lives were endangered in the middle of that Serbian aggression.

Then in Knin on August 5, we saw and heard General Ante Gotovina who, without a shred, without a shred of shame or embarrassment, dishes out some lesson that discipline is needed in war and in peace! Of course, this mention of discipline certainly referred to the HOS (volunteer Croatian Defence Forces), whose defenders of the Homeland War and Operation Storm were standing at that time on the streets of Knin during the celebration of Operation Storm with police threats directed at them. Because, you see, their slogan For Homeland Ready (Za Dom Spremni), which infused courage and determination for an independent Croatia, bothers the current government of the Republic of Croatia. This slogan was decisive in the defence of the Republic of Croatia, i.e. in the establishment of independence.

Then, General Gotovina, straight-faced, gave himself the right to speak about discipline, which in this case should surely keep HOS defenders, under police pressure and threats behind the lines, the police lines, while others, undeserving others, celebrated part if not the whole victory to which they contributed, to which HOS contributed and deserve to be a part of its celebrations.

So, I have never seen such perversion anywhere in the world. That something like this should happen, that the celebration of victory should be denied to those who contributed to that victory, in national defense or in national victory.

Perversion itself!

It is not just about discriminating against HOS defenders in this case, it is about perversion against the Homeland War, perversion against victory.

HOS Veterans denied access to celebrations
of Victory/ Operation Storm
in Knin, Croatia, 5 August 2020
Photo: Screenshot

And then so that this discrimination and perversion could become even stronger or better – worse! – at almost the same time not far from Knin in Grubori, the Croatian government, that is, Serbian politics in Croatia, organised a commemoration for victims of a crime against six Serb civilians that took place some three weeks after Operation Storm. The crime was committed by individuals who, in fact, with that act of crime violated the policy of the Croatian defence, the policy of Franjo Tuđman, the policy of Gojko Šušak, also now deceased. So, this commemoration in addition to the victory celebration in Knin was simply planned in order to diminish the value and the validity of the victory of Operation Storm. That’s why they sent Tomo Medved (Deputy Prime Minister) there. The appearance of Tomo Medved in Grubori at the commemoration for the victims of a crime committed by disobedient individuals who violated the policies and orders of the Croatian defence. This appearance by Tomo Medved there undoubtedly symbolises also that the top of Croatia wants to attribute this crime committed by individuals to the overall Croatian defence in the Homeland War. And that is nothing else but an another step in equalising the victim and aggressor in the Homeland War.

So, a perversion, perversion which I and I believe many others have not experienced before.

What courage against the Croatian people!

But, all this said, Croatian diaspora was before the Homeland War, during the Homeland War and after the Homeland War “For Homeland Ready” and for God and Croatia, democratic Croatia, ready!

Some will say that by organising the celebration of 25th Anniversary of the magnificent victory over the brutal Serb aggressor in Knin at almost the same time they organised the commemoration for the victims of crime against six Serb civilians that occurred in the nearby village of Grubore, three weeks after the victorious Operation Storm, is good for reconciliation! Well, my professional opinion derived from my substantial training and experience as a Psychologist, tell me that nothing can be further from the truth. Firstly, the killing of the six Serb civilians occurred on 25 August 1995, twenty days after this Serb-occupied Croatian territory was liberated by Operation Storm, and the commemoration should have been planned for that date! Secondly, the ICTY Appeals Tribunal (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia) in the Hague had, in its Judgment in the Gotovina & Markac case, in November 2012, stated that “the state and military leadership had no role in their planning and creation” of this crime. So, why join the commemoration for these victims with the glorious victory of Operation Storm!? Utter perversion and political manipulation in the lame efforts to achieve reconciliation between the Serb aggressor and Croatians whom they attacked, perhaps? But here is the reality: one cannot achieve reconciliation through the denial of truth nor through lacking love for one’s people! And the current government with its Serb minority elected coalition clearly possess both of these characteristics that are not reconciliation-friendly: denial of truth and lacking love for the Croatian nation. Ina Vukic

Below is the video in the Croatian language with English subtitles that I have made with the above record of distressing happenings in Croatia around the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of Operation Storm. Please visit!

Published: Aug.09: 2020: Croatia: Reconciliation Cannot Be Achieved With Denial Of Truth And Lacking Love For Nation Of People

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#AceSportsDesk – Sixers Announce Ben Simmons Out With Knee Injury While Team Considers Treatment Options

According to the team, Simmons has been diagnosed with a subluxation of the left patella. Simmons and Sixers are considering treatment options.

Sixers Announce Ben Simmons Out With Knee Injury While Team Considers Treatment Options