Rebuttal to Seb Starcevic’s Rant Claiming Croatian Celebration of Fascism in Australia // Croatia, the War

Seb Starcevic’s article is an example that evidences the fact that we still do not live in a post-truth world and never have. On the contrary, we live in a pre-truth world where truth is yet to arrive.

Seb Starcevic’s article “In Australia, some Croats openly celebrate fascism,” published on Balkaninsight portal on 10th September 2019 presents to the public a point on the continuum of vicious Serb anti-Croat propaganda, often weaved with tangents of malicious historical lies and allegations of some sort of terrorism and fascism being alive and kicking within the Australian Croatian community. Apart from the evidently calculated intention to inflict damage to the reputation of the Croatian people in Australia, even though he uses the phrase “some Australian Croats”, it does seem that the article was also written in order to throw the truth-seeking scent off the current historical research in Croatia that has the capacity of debunking the Serb-led propaganda about WWII Jasenovac camp in Croatia. Sonja Biserko a Serbian campaigner for human rights, the founder and president of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia stated in recent years that the Serbian history is based on lies and myths and so it is of no surprise that the maintenance of such history has been transported into Australia by those of Serb extraction.

Starcevic opens his article saying that in Sydney’s western suburbs a Croatian club flies two flags: Australian and the flag of the WWII Independent State of Croatia/NDH. Contrary to innuendo in Starcevic’s article suggesting some criminal activity he attempts to associate with this flag, Australian law does not prohibit the NDH flag on its soil and it is not unlawful to fly similar flags of legitimate historical states or states who fought for independence but did not succeed in their fight. Starcevic would perhaps like the public to think that by flying the NDH flag some sort of soft fascism, if not fully blown fascism in practice is at the core of it! Nothing could be further from the truth. While in his article Starcevic calls WWII Croatia a Nazi puppet state he omits to say that Serbia was one also and that WWII flag of Serbia is also raised at some Serbian clubs and Chetnik organisations in the diaspora (and that flag represents Milan Nedic’s and Serb Chetnik’s fight against communists in collaboration with the Nazis, responsible for the first Jew-free country in WWII Europe). The important thing about the NDH flag raised at the club Starcevic writes about is that it is the flag that represents Croatia’s struggle for independence and, given the horrific times of the 20th century that struggle occurred in, one can with regret say that there were crimes committed by members on all sides but not by the majority of members of the independence movements. And that is a historical fact.

Then, in a malicious attempt to paint the Australian Croats as terrorists, his article goes into telling the public about Dr Kristy Campion’s historical terrorism research that also delves into Croatian Ustasha activities in Australia in the 1960’s and the 1970’s. He conveniently omits to also refer to modern day facts as found after the release to the public of relevant Commonwealth of Australia Archives a few years back that are said to have revealed a collaboration between secret services – parts of Australian ASIO and Yugoslav (read Serb) UDBA – which can be associated with the framing of Croatian immigrants for planning terrorist activities. Starcevic further omits to mention that in Campion’s bibliography there is a significant reference to “Alleged Croatian Terrorist Organisation” and NOT “Croatian Terrorist Organisation” (PDF). It would seem too much to expect that Starcevic would even consider the truth or a possible truth about Australian Croats given that such truth shows up his writings as nothing more than blatant hate speech.

After referring to a former Croatian Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor as having said that no one should dismiss the crimes of the WWII Ustashe regime Starcevic goes on to say: “…But that didn’t stop Australia’s Croatian community from hosting an assortment of far-right figures in 2018, including journalist Igor Vukic and Croatian politician Zeljko Glasnovic, who have downplayed the crimes of the Ustasa regime. In a speaking tour called ‘Croatia Uncensored’, Vukic, Glasnovic and others visited Croatian clubs around Australia to discuss a variety of controversial topics, including the ‘the myth and lies of Jasenovac’, a concentration camp established by the Ustasa in WWII. The number of those who perished in the camp is regularly disputed by right-wing politicians and commentators in Croatia.” The fact is that the claimed and estimated numbers of those perished in Jasenovac range from the ludicrous and physically impossible 1 million, to some 40,000, and these numbers do not come from right-wing politicians so why wouldn’t the right-wing politicians, or any politician for that matter, go about disputing the numbers! In fact, and for the truth’s sake, it is desirable to dispute them and delve into research to come to the truth.

While Starcevic omits to corroborate with verifiable references his generalised claims that Vukic, Glasnovic etc “have downplayed the crimes of Ustasa,” one would expect from a journalist making such claims to provide in the same article some evidence or corroboration for his claims that during the “Croatia Uncensored” speaking tour in Australia there was “downplaying of the crimes of the Ustasha regime” as well as to the claim that research into Jasenovac camp constitutes a controversial topic! Since when do attempts to find the truth through historical research constitute a controversy? Or are we dealing here with possible fear in Starcevic and those like him that Serb propaganda will eventually be proven a lie, scientifically and factually?

How deplorable it is for a journalist to write about two historical researchers (Kristy Campion and Igor Vukic) in the same article and in that same article label one of the researchers (the one who researched Croatian Ustashe of late 1960’s and 1970’s/Campion) with credibility and the other (researching historical documentation and archives on WWII Jasenovac) as being controversial! It would seem that Starcevic would ignore the integrity of fact-based historical research on WWII Croatia if it bit him on the back side.

From Left: Zeljko Glasnovic, Josip Jurcevic, Tom Sunic, Igor Vukic
Croatia Uncensored tour 2018

Furthermore, as one of the organisers of the 2018 “Croatia Uncensored” talking tour in Australia I can confirm that the tour was organised in order to raise Croatian public discussion on existing barriers in Croatia preventing the development of a fully functional democracy and to give support to the various scientific historical research endeavours, such as Vukic’s, that aim to present verifiable historical facts on the victims of Jasenvac camp. If Vukic is to be called by derogatory names and insulted as Starcevic does in his article, for attempting to break the myth and lies about Jasenovac then that name-calling talks about Starcevic more than what it does about Vukic. Vukic’s research (and research of others on the same issue) is particularly relevant given the rampant and wild estimates of victims that allegedly perished in WWII Jasenovac camp at the hands of Ustashe that keep the world ill-informed and Croats generally vilified. The historical fact in pursuits of the truth is that Jasenovac remained open until 1953 and that it was used for post-WWII communist purges. Surely to reach a post-truth existence one needs to confirm by documentary and testimonial research what was what! It is a fact that research into Jasenovac camp has been alarmingly non-existent, scarce or inadequate during the decades of communist Yugoslavia regime. Why would anyone want to stop or thwart any research into history – regardless of the outcome of such research!?

Starcevic goes further in his attempt to vilify Australian Croatians by saying that several clubs pay tribute to convicted war criminals such as Slobodan Praljak and Dario Kordic but fails miserably to tell his readers that the conviction in the Hague rested upon some political support or “chain of command responsibility” and no evidence was presented to the court that, for instance, Kordic ever ordered any killings. Hearsay evidence and political constructs reportedly played a significant part in court judgments and Praljak committed suicide in the Hague courtroom as judgment against him was pronounced – maintaining his innocence of crimes the court had convicted him of. Given that fact, and given the professionally reported political weight weaved into the very indictments and judgments that saw these two Croats convicted of war crimes in the Hague, who personally committed no crimes, one would think that if someone decides to hail as heroes these two men then that someone is not guided by some Croatian nationalistic creed but by the very perceptions that justifiably enter a human mind upon such occasions and circumstances. The democracy we live in cherishes personal opinions as a given right but frowns upon opinions designed to vilify entire communities as Starcevic appears to be doing.

Starcevic says further in his article: “In recent years, this rhetoric has escalated to anti-Serb vandalism and death threats. In 2016, a Serbian Orthodox church in Geelong was vandalised with the Ustasa logo, swastikas and fascist slogans such as ‘the only good Serb is a dead Serb’…” For the first time, ever, through this article written by Starcevic the Australian Croats are associated with the said vandalism! Unless Seb Starcevic knows the facts as to who the perpetrator/s of this criminal vandalism was/were but failed to publish the details in his article, then only one conclusion is possible: Seb Starcevic is on the bandwagon of the propaganda whose only aim is to vilify Croats; to spread hatred and hate speech. That is absolutely unacceptable and utterly un-Australian! Besides, how can anyone tell that it may not have been an Australian Serb who committed that vandalism on the Orthodox church in Geelong? Why write about this act of vandalism in this article about Australian Croats? Certainly, to my knowledge, no one had been arrested for or charged with that crime, Croat or otherwise. The idea that it could have been a Serb who vandalised the church with Ustasha logo is not far-fetched when we know that the Australian Serb Vitomir Misimovic infiltrated in the 1970’s the Australian Croatian community pretending to be a Croat named Vico Virkez only to frame and falsify his court testimony against the so-called Croatian Six for terrorism. We know that those Croats were convicted of attempted terrorism, we know they served jail sentences for it, but we also now know that they were framed by no other than Australian Serbs, Yugoslav (Serb) Secret Police UDBA.

Starcevic’s viciously malicious intent to vilify Croats through innuendo is also palpable in the following paragraph of his said article: “On Tuesday, a Sydney resident named Ivan – who is Croatian – tweeted about seeing a man on a train with an Ustasa tattoo on his leg. Ivan told BIRN the man looked to be in his early twenties and was wearing shorts that exposed the Ustasa logo on the back of one of his calves,” writes Starcevic. Well Mr Starcevic can you or BIRN please ask that “Sydney resident Ivan” whether the man on the train with Ustasa tattoo on his leg is actually of Croatian extraction! Guess what Mr Starcevic – Prince Harry wore a Swastika on his sleeve in public only a few years ago! Ina Vukic

Source: // Croatia, the War

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The ‘Dark Side of Football’ – The Celtic Boys Club // HOLLIE GREIG JUSTICE

Date: September 12, 2019Author: Ricky Carroll0 Comments

Following on from last month’s exclusive look surrounding the recent outcome of the Chelsea sex abuse investigation, The Chelsea Echo was asked to take a look and report on yet another, unfortunate story within the ‘dark side of football’.

A harrowing story of lies, manipulation and sexual abuse.

The Celtic Boys Club.

“Get him.”


Since November of last year, four former affiliated individuals from Celtic Boys were convicted of child sex abuse offences. Three of the men were Gerald King, Frank Cairney and Jim McCafferty.

The fourth being… James Torbett.

James Torbett on his way to court to face child sex abuse charges (Photo – Sky Sports)

In 1966, Torbett founded The Celtic Boys Club – now rebranded as St Patrick’s Sports Academy to distance themselves from the sinister past of the club. The club operates teams in age groups from under-9 to under-19 and has helped develop many future professional footballers, particularly for Celtic, with which they have historically had close links.

A club that has helped develop many professional players that have go on to play for Celtic, including Roy Aitken, Tommy Burns, Charlie Nicholas, David Moyes and Alan Brazil. Most notably Brazil, as he was one of the players that were unfortunately abused by Torbett (who was previously jailed in 1998 for 30 months for ‘shameless and indecent conduct’ towards juvenile players).

Torbett simply put, ruled CBC over the course of five decades and destroyed countless lives through lies, manipulation and abuse that is completely grotesque.

Torbett, 71, demanded players called him ‘The Big Man’. He would make young boys shower in a communal changing room while standing to face him with their hands by their sides, demonstrating his sadistic show of power.

James Torbett, on the left, when he was the coach at The Celtic Boys Club (Photo – Mirror)

Players were picked for selection on the basis of who had done the most to live out Torbett’s sick fantasies. Torbett targeted ‘vulnerable’ players and callously abused them. These young boys wanted nothing more than to play football, and Torbett manipulated and lied to them with false promises and this made it impossible for them to keep this monstrous man at bay.

Torbett had no one to answer to. He ran Celtic Boys Club through fear and threats. He was able to tragically ruin so many young lives and dreams.

When Torbett was jailed for six years for five offences of sexual assault last November, it, unfortunately, brought no real justice to any of his victims.

Most notably Andrew Gray and Kenny Campbell.

Gray suffered in silence for nearly 30 years, following the years of abuse he had to suffer at the hands of Torbett. Being abused dozen of times, Andrew’s life was tragically impacted in a way that was irreversible. Severe trust issues, a gambling addiction, unable to hold down a job nor form any relationships… the lies, manipulation and grief that Andrew suffered was so much that he attempted to take his own life.

Tragically, at the age of just 41, Gray became paralysed from a swimming pool accident and fell into a coma. Which he never recovered from and passed away in October 2017.

Andrew Gray as a youngster (Photo – Sunday Mirror)

Following the revelations from former Crewe Alexander and Bury player Andy Woodward, who was at the forefront of the Barry Bennell scandal that rocked football, Woodward bravely encouraged his friend Andrew to go to the police about the abuse he suffered as a child and how it had left him suffering in silence into adulthood.

Gray was unfortunately not alone as Kenny Campbell also suffered at the pure evilness of Torbett.

Only meeting each other briefly when playing at the Celtic Boys Club in the 1980s under Torbett, Andrew and Kenny were reunited in 2016 at a Glasgow police station, when they finally had the courage to reveal to the authorities their horrible ordeals. Bottled-up for decades, the pair simply broke down after telling the police their horrific stories.

“When he saw me, he was just overwhelmed.”


Both Gray and Campbell wanted nothing more when they were kids to become professional footballers. Being scouted by Torbett himself, they thought they were on their way to starting to fulfil their dreams. What was to come, however, was years of abuse on more than a dozen times.

Kenny Campbell when contracted to Celtic (Photo – BBC)

Just like Gray, Campbell’s life has also been tragically altered. When being released from Celtic at the age of 19, Campbell’s ‘demons’ started to appear.

“I was addicted to cocaine and alcohol. I tried to kill myself four times and I really wanted to die, it wasn’t a cry for help. He’d [Torbett] manipulated me so well.”


Gray and Campbell were unable to say anything about their horrific ordeals for nearly thirty years – even when Torbett was first sentenced to prison in 1998 – due to multiple issues.

But when Andy Woodward finally found the courage to reveal his ‘years of hell’ at the hands of Barry Bennell, Andrew and Kenny no longer say nothing and had to come forward and reveal what happened to them both.

“I felt like I was going to burst, so I blurted it out to my ­sister. One of my grandsons had started playing football and I thought: ‘What if someone abuses him like Torbett abused me?’”


When Torbett was finally convicted last year, Kenny, along with Andrew’s sister Michelle and his mother Helene, cried in relief that Torbett was finally punished for the horrific crimes he committed.

The evidence from Kenny and Andrew (after his passing) was enough to convict Torbett and give some sense of true justice to everyone affected.

Kenny, Michelle and Helene now have a lifetime ‘bond’ between the three, which also includes Andrew despite being no longer alive.

“No one will ever replace Andrew but I have gained a new brother in Kenny.”


“Michelle and Helene understand what I am going through more than anyone else.”


Torbett’s lies and manipulation towards his victims’ families was so thorough that no one was unable to notice what the boys were horrifically going through.

Helene and Michelle only discovered years later following Andrew’s revelations what Torbett truly did to him.

“I hugged him and we cried together. I said, ‘I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this alone’.”


“It was like someone had taken the missing piece of the jigsaw and just dropped it right there. Everything fell into place.”


Torbett was found guilty of three counts of indecent assault and two counts of lewd and libidinous behaviour – towards Kenny, Andrew and a boy who can’t be named for legal reasons.

“You groomed boys and contrived situations when you could abuse them. Yours is some of the most corrupting behaviour I have ever heard of in these courts.”


Upon the sentencing of Torbett, Kenny and Michelle/Helene have received support and kind messages on social media, which they appreciate a lot.

Campbell along with the Gray family is now taking legal action against Celtic Football Club, along with campaigning for an independent enquiry as there have been concerns with the Celtic Boys Club for over five decades.

“It’s not about money. It’s about the promise we made to Andrew as he was dying. That we’d fight to make sure no other child suffered like he and Kenny did.”


Celtic have always denied any official partnership with Celtic Boys Club, despite it being known as being a feeder club for The Bhoys.

Celtic Football Club has always denied any official links with the Celtic Boys Club (Photo – Sky Sports)

It’s very clear the decision to sue Celtic is not for financial gain. The decision to take legal action against the club is for getting justice for Andrew, Kenny and every other boy who suffered at the hands of Torbett, whilst making sure it never happens again.

As a society, we need to do more to make sure that the abuse Andrew, Kenny and everyone else affected by those connected to the Celtic Boys Club cannot happen again. It’s not only the abuse they suffered as children that’s the problem but also the mental health problems these men have tragically had to deal with in later life.

The monster Torbett is now in prison and could very end up staying behind bars until he passes away. All the schoolboys he coached – and abused – finally got their justice in the end. The problem, however, just like with the boys who were victims under Eddie Heath at Chelsea is that it was a case of too little, too late.

Anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse and/or is struggling with issues of mental health, please contact DEpressON. They are a mental health project founded by Colin Radcliffe and co-run by Andy Woodward. They can be contacted via Twitter or through their website at

Also if you know of any young person that may be the victim of sexual abuse and are unable to speak out, organisations such as the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) is a fantastic charity that will always strive to protect every child in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands.

Let’s hope that the ‘dark side of football’ finally fades away.



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